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“I am extremely grateful for the help provided by Champion College Counseling; not only was the service helpful and there when I needed it (something essential to a scrambled high school senior writing essays at random times of the week), it was also instrumental to my acceptance to Duke University. Penny was helpful in getting a list of schools to apply to that fit my needs and wants for my higher learning...Champion College Counseling helped me to maintain the confidence necessary to maintain sanity throughout the complicated and stressful college application process. I'm sure that my family will use the service again and again for my siblings.”

Robert, Douglas Freeman High SchoolDuke University

“Whenever my son and I came to a crossroad about a choice we needed to make, we could always ask Penny. She had helpful advice that would help guide us to the right decision. I liked that most of what transpired was between Penny and my son. It enabled me to stay out of harassing him to do something and she had a solution to all of our questions.”

AnnParent of Douglas Freeman High School Student

“I was given lots of guidance and support throughout the whole process which was very helpful. Knowing what to write and how to write my essay was difficult for me. Mrs. Deck not only helped me get my essay completed so that I could apply for early decision but also helped me get through the difficult process by giving me ideas of what to write and how to write the essay. She did this but also made sure the essay came from me, my feelings and my thoughts. She made me feel very comfortable and provided much encouragement throughout the process which was so needed! I would recommend this service to any Senior who is going through the grueling task of college essay writing. She will make this process much easier.”

AmandaCosby High School Student

“I found it extremely helpful to be able to “step back” so someone on the outside could give the instructions and criticism. The support was great and feedback so helpful.”

KarenParent of Cosby High School Student

“Mrs. Deck was extremely helpful throughout the entire college application process. I appreciated her honest advice and feedback. She provided timely direction and guidance, which greatly reduced my stress in the application process.”

CamronL.C. Bird Engineering Student

“Penny Deck provided tremendous help throughout the entire admissions process. She reduced our stress with her outstanding organizational skills advising of college application deadlines, requirements, etc. She was extremely prompt in all her interactions and feedback with my son throughout the application process. Penny continued to stay in touch after her work with my son was completed, to find out the outcome. It is evident in every interaction that Penny truly cares about the students she works with.”

ChrisParent of Chesterfield High School Student
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